Eliminate Monthly Management Fees

Why? Because we can’t find a good reason why someone else should profit from your investment when they don't share in any of the financial risk.

We don’t collect fees, we create revenue!

Introducing RentVue! The Nation’s first full service property management solution with ZERO monthly management fees! You pay us when you need us and collect 100% of the profits when you don’t.

How does Rentvue work?

It’s simple. We replaced the need for a property manager with a smart technology that manages your asset like a pro and gives you access to services as you need them. No fees, no commitment, you simply use us when you need us and collect 100% of the profits when you don’t.

Add a Property

Easily add a property to RentVue

Smart Technology

RentVue’s smart technology monitors the asset, collects rent and informs you when services are needed.


When a service is needed, simply click the authorization button and the service ticket will be completed by Rentvue’s service technicians, and accompanied by before, during and after pictures.


By design Rentvue’s automation eliminates the need for management fees, increases tenant retention, controls expenses which will increase your overall net revenue.

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Replace your Property Manager

Replace the need for a property manager with an awesome technology platform that provides all the same functions as your current property manager, but without the monthly fees!

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Our Full Suite of Management Services

Some owners just need a little help from time-to-time. Don’t worry, we got you covered too, and offer a full suite of A La Carte Services that can be ordered at anytime.

Property Maintenance

Your residents will submit maintenance tickets through our system, they will be sent to you for review, and if approved, we will provide an estimate or complete the work if it falls within your NTE. We also provide recurring services that included lawn & snow removal.

NTE (Not to exceed) is a pre approved amount that the can be leveraged to complete basic service orders. Most owners set their NTE at $200.00

Rent Collection

Your residents will be given the option to pay rent online by ACH or Credit Card. There is no charge to the owner for collecting rent.

Leasing Support

We can show you how to lease your own property or we can lease it for you!

Eviction Support

We handle all aspects of the eviction process including creating and posting demand notices, filing court paperwork and representing you in court, and performing eviction set-out and securing services.

Quarterly Inspections

Widely regarded as the most important service that we perform, our professional quarterly inspections are designed to identify safety issues, resident behavior, property concerns and suggested updates or improvements.

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