Stop giving away profits and start creating revenue! 

Traditional property management costs you 5%-10% of your monthly profits and DYI self-management tools do little to alleviate the challenges of managing the property.

We eliminated the need for both by creating RentVue’s Smart Manager!

The Nations first automated property management technology with a fully integrated maintenance and property services platform.

Welcome to RentVue!

How it works

RentVue’s Smart Manager is a simple-to-engage technology that manages the property for you by directing a network of maintenance and rental service providers who are tasked to perform services according to the industry’s best management processes.

RentVue’s Smart Manager Collects Rent, Monitors Resident Performance & Property Conditions

It manages each task and provides a “Vue” into the decision making process

All approved services are ordered and completed according to the industry’s best management practices

One Click and It’s Done

The resident submits a work order request

A RentVue Maintenance Technician will provide a detailed estimate and include pictures of the items that need to be corrected

You approve the estimate

The work is completed, invoiced, and supported by completion pictures

Replace your Property Manager

Replace the need for a property manager with a smart technology platform that provides all the same functions as your current property manager.

1 - 2 Unit Property

$25 per month

Includes one yearly internal and external inspection

3 - 5 Unit Property

$50 per month

Includes 4 quarterly common area and external inspections

6+ Unit & Portfolio Pricing


Customized plans

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Our Full Suite of Management Services

Some owners just need a little help from time-to-time. Don’t worry, we got you covered too, and offer a full suite of A La Carte Services that can be ordered at anytime.

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