Quarterly Inspections

"Trust, but verify" Quarterly inspections will be a key component of your RentVue experience and are designed to prevent emergencies, maintain it, and keep your asset secure and looking good!

Exterior Safety Inspection

Safety is a key component to your overall success and starts with making sure that your exterior walkways, decks & railings, rooflines, and chimneys are code compliant and are ready to pass your next CO inspection with flying colors.

Inspection common areas

Quality residents desire a safe, secure, clean, and well lit common areas and hallways. Feeling safe is a critical component of any resident retention plan.

Insights into resident behavior

Monitoring resident behavior, both good and bad, is key to creating a harmonious living environment.

Inspect exterior

Inspecting exterior grounds for resident abuse, pet damage and overall condition. Curb appeal matters, and when the time comes, it helps attract higher rents and quality residents.

Water leaks

Inspecting basements and common areas for leaks, wet pipes (signs of running toilets) and leaking hot water tanks can save you hundreds in utility bills and after- hours emergency phone calls.