ADS1000 Splunk Appliance

150% Server Performance Improvement

ADS1000 Splunk Appliance

Utilizing Apeiron’s Direct Scale-out Flash platform to provide a fully integrated Splunk solution; designed specifically for high performance, consolidation and the ability to access all your data in real time.

Companies and organizations using Splunk, or planning a Splunk deployment, can achieve an order of magnitude (10x) better indexing performance and nearly two orders of magnitude (100x) better search performance using Apeiron Splunk Appliances rather than Splunk reference architecture that assumes traditional controller-based SAN or NAS.

Apeiron storage with Splunk Enterprise provides the integrated platform to ingeniously ask questions about data with the speed required to maximize business decisions, and deliver true customer value. The innovation of Apeiron storage provides extreme performance to meet the demands of large Splunk Enterprise deployments while delivering both capital expense (CAPEX) savings on the storage hardware investment and operating expense (OPEX) savings based on simplicity of operations and management, dramatically lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Apeiron provides an integrated, pre-tested storage solution for deploying Splunk that meets the most demanding service level agreements (SLAs) for performance, scalability and resiliency. Apeiron delivers consistent sub-ms I/O latency, high speed data ingest and indexing, and real-time aggregation for search, analysis and visualization.

Apeiron eliminates the complexity of managing a diverse set of storage silos by providing a single point of storage management and monitoring across Splunk tiers of hot, warm, and cold stages, all from a consolidated and unified storage pool that delivers the highest level of performance. Apeiron’s compelling cost effectiveness eliminates the need to ever maintain a frozen tier. It also allows customers to maintain much bigger active datasets enabling much richer queries and detailed studies.

As customers increase their data retention periods, Apeiron can dynamically add higher capacity drives which reduces floor space in the data center and achieves cooling and power reductions for increased cost effectiveness. The use of commercial NVMe SSDs enables customers to make use of the latest in NVM technology (i.e. 15TB/30TB NAND SSDs, Intel Optane SSDs). Apeiron uniquely provides a future-proof storage solution that can address the needs of Splunk’s applications today with the ability to organize, store and analyze the rapidly growing datasets and workflows of the future

Splunk Benchmark Testing Against Splunk Reference Architecture

Splunk Enterprise and related products, solid-state drives (SSD), and NVM Express (NVMe) technology are transforming business. Unfortunately, current IT architectures are not optimized to efficiently support data centers running Splunk and emerging technologies such as storage class memory SSDs (Intel Optane, for example) and NVMe over Fabrics face unsurmountable limits inherent to current IT solutions reliant on NAS, SAN, virtualization, cloud, and hyper-convergence architectures and products. A different and innovative solution is required that matches the potential of Splunk. That solution is available today in the ASA Splunk Appliance.

Companies and other organizations using Splunk, or planning Splunk deployments, can achieve one order of magnitude (10x) better indexer performance and nearly two orders of magnitude (100x) better search head performance using Apeiron Splunk Appliances while dramatically reducing the needed IT infrastructure.

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