The Emergence of Real-Time Storage Aware Applications

While most of these applications were initially focused on analytics, by 2010 they began to find their way into real-time customer facing applications, starting in the AdTech and web personalization areas.

With the release of open source code from Google, Facebook, and Amazon these storage aware applications quickly expanded across the Fortune 500 enabling corporations to extract value from the ever-growing amounts of machine and network data.

Applications or analytic frameworks like Hadoop, Splunk, Spark, SAP Hana, and Security Onion quickly moved into critical business areas ranging from cybersecurity, to transaction systems, to FinTech. IDC reports that by 2020, over 70% of all Fortune 2000 corporations will have in place at least one real-time customer facing Big Data application that is business critical.

If your Big Data\Fast Data application is craving more, more speed, more scalability, more compute for less, and it’s storage aware, then the ADS 1000 should be the leading contender for your scale-out storage

Current applications and frameworks that thrive with, and crave ADS performance:
Any Big and Fast Data storage aware application is ADS ready

Security Onion
SAP Hana
& More

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