Big and Fast Data Analytics

Big and Fast Data Analytics

While the corporate world has been rapidly deploying real-time scale-out applications, the current storage products quickly become the limiting barrier as datasets grow. Simple clusters of x86 servers which work well when datasets are small become bottlenecks as storage needs outpace processor needs. With many software business models tied to the number of servers, this problem is magnified with escalating costs. IT managers are faced with sprawling hardware put in place only to get more storage capacity and then in turn are billed for servers which are only managing storage

The ADS1000 was architected from the ground up to address the unique problems faced with scale-out applications.

  • Server Consolidation: Dramatic levels of performance minimize servers.
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Advantage: Storage and processing can be scaled independently.
  • Business Critical Decision Making Capability: Response times seen by applications are dramatically improved and the amount of active data no longer has to be managed, allowing much richer query responses.
  • Application Efficiencies: In applications like Splunk you no longer have to slow or turn off tools like Enterprise Security while your queries provide real-time answers.
  • Performance Acceleration: Data can be placed on SSD storage types that make sense for the type of data being used, as opposed to the limited SSDs a vendor offers.

Scale-out deep learning and analytic applications offer businesses the ability to extract value from massive amounts of data; but as these datasets grow, a new type of scale-out storage is needed. Both enterprise SAN/NAS products and arrays of x86 servers with internal storage fall short. The Apeiron ADS1000 storage has been architected to address the specific needs of these strategic Big Data scale-out applications.

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