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Apeiron Data Systems is rapidly changing the landscape of high performance storage networks. Apeiron’s ADS1000 provides a native NVMe over Ethernet storage network. Storage management is moved to the application server instead of an embedded/proprietary controller. This results in the elimination of the #1 bottleneck to server and storage performance. A fully integrated storage network which transports and acknowledges the transactions in under 3.0 micro-seconds. The fact that there is no protocol processing on the device means 100% linear scalability. The system simply looks like captive storage to the application. If you are an out of the box thinker with the skills we are looking for and interested in being a part of this movement, then Apeiron Data Systems is a great place for you.

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Apeiron joins the Carbon Black Integration Network

"The Carbon Black Integration Network enabled Apeiron to quickly execute upon customer requests for an externally attached NVMe storage platform," said Chief Revenue Officer at Apeiron Data Systems."

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