A compelling Big Data application in the FinTech area which is ideal for Apeiron is pre and post trade analytics.

NVMe over Ethernet is ideally suited in these applications since its I/O performance eliminates large numbers of unneeded servers and provides for dramatic query performance improvements. By providing different types of SSD media all in one storage environment, high performance media like Intel’s Optane™ SSDs can be used for block cache or high-performance storage pools of hot data while standard NAND SSDs can be used to store warm data all managed by resource managers like YARN or MESOS. This allows applications to tailor their use of storage media to the data needs.

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Apeiron joins the Carbon Black Integration Network

"The Carbon Black Integration Network enabled Apeiron to quickly execute upon customer requests for an externally attached NVMe storage platform," said Chief Revenue Officer at Apeiron Data Systems."

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