For many years, HPC was characterized by large single purpose clusters with expensive, proprietary hardware tuned to specific applications. Over the last decade a good deal of work has been done to create more general purpose multitenant clusters that can support multiple concurrent users and different applications. The ADS1000 was designed to support this movement. It works hand in hand with parallel file systems like Lustre in order to quickly warm-up client datasets like those used by the world’s most powerful supercomputers as ranked by the TOP500 list (www.top500.org).

Apeiron supports high-speed server to server messaging using the Apeiron storage fabric so that no external switching, interface cards, or alternative protocols are required. The messaging uses direct memory access using the same queues and buffers designed for NVMe over Ethernet storage in order to get single digit microsecond transfers using a standard Open Fabric Alliance (OFA) software stack (See www.openfabrics.org). This makes the ADS1000 particularly useful in FinTech applications using TIX messaging protocols or for scientific analysis as in genomic sequencing.

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Apeiron joins the Carbon Black Integration Network

"The Carbon Black Integration Network enabled Apeiron to quickly execute upon customer requests for an externally attached NVMe storage platform," said Chief Revenue Officer at Apeiron Data Systems."

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