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Fall is a great time to plant

The soil is warmer and more consistently moist in the Fall than in the Spring.  This provides a healthy environment for roots to establish themselves before winter sets in. In autumn, plants slow their top growth to prepare for Winter, but their roots are still very active, and actually, root development accelerates naturally in most plants during September and October. Get more Fall Gardening Tips and learn more about why Fall is a great time to plant.

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Plan for Spring color with Spring-flowering Bulbs

Fall is the only time of year to plant bulbs for beautiful spring flowers, like tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and crocus. Bulbs grow best in a sunny, well-drained area.  When planting, be sure to fertilize with bone meal or bulb food.  For best results, plant bulbs deep.  Plus, there’s less chance they'll be dug up by squirrels or deer. For added protection, use Neptune’s Harvest Crab Shell Plant Food.  It nourishes bulbs and its sharp texture is unpleasant when critters start digging. Learn more about planting Spring-flowering Bulbs.

Decorate your home with Fall Harvest

English Gardens is your one-stop shop when it comes to fall harvest this year. Our Michigan-grown corn stalks, pumpkins, straw bales and grouds will add a festive and fall touch to your outdoor space this fall.

Line your front door with towering corn stalks or attach them to lampposts and mailboxes to create a one-of-a-kind first impression. Pumpkins are a staple in fall décor and we have a variety to suit any need. Whether you are creating a fall tablescape, using them as outdoor decorations or simply for carving, we have what you need. Straw bales add the perfect touch to your outdoor fall décor. Using straw bales to create a festive scene or for adding seating at your fall gathering are just a few of the ways to incorporate these iconic items this year. Gourds are one of our favorite fall items. The variety in size, texture and colors make them great for indoor decorating or adding a fall touch to your outdoor decorations.

Refresh your containers with fall annuals

Give your containers a fresh look for fall by replacing spent summer blooms with cold-tolerant annuals. Pansies and Mums will flower well into the fall and give your containers a pop of color. Create height by adding ornamental grasses or colorful crotons. Use ornamental cabbage and kale to create texture and make a bold statement. Finish it off with seasonal pumpkins or grounds for the perfect fall look. Learn more about creating a Seasonal Container Refresh.

Visit any English Gardens location and ask an expert about making the most of your fall garden.

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