Perennials Are a Garden’s Top Performers

Perennials are the perfect performer for your garden. Needing planted only once, unlike annuals, perennials return each year bigger and better. They're perfect for adding color or texture to any garden.

There are hundreds of perennial varieties, which are appropriate for any landscape, including extremes in sun, soil, and moisture. Once established, perennials will perform with only occasional fertilizing and pruning. Some even thrive on neglect!

For continuous interest in your perennial garden, fill it with:

  • 25% spring bloomers
  • 50% summer bloomers
  • 25% fall bloomers
  • Consider height, texture and color when selecting your plants.

For best results, place three to five plants in one area to create a mass. Be sure to space each one properly and also leave room for your plants to grow and expand over time.

Visit any of our English Gardens locations and our experts will help you pick the right plants for your home. Selection varies by store and throughout the season.

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